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Meet the new sound of Valfreya!
Forget about folk metal.
Forget about viking metal.

Allow dark symphonies alongside tumultuous guitar riffs to stain your mind and guide you through the ''Dawn of Reckoning''.

Acoustic Chronicles II

Acoustic Chronicles, Part ii

2019 - ACOUSTIC album 

Valfreya decided to delve again into acoustic music, reprising some of their metal songs and recreating them acoustically, as well as writing new material, in both French and English, specifically for this album.

It puts the vocal capabilities of Corinne's in the forefront and gives a different outlook on some previously recorded songs. In this album, You can here melodies of choirs, guitars, flutes and violons inspired from Celtic and Folk music. 

Promised land

2017 - full lenght album

The album is a journey through a lot of emotions and situations, giving life to a host of varied songs, each with a different sound and personality. The story behind the album is about Eric The Red discovering America and how he defies the Gods, but pays a hefty price for that defiance. ” says Valfreya about the release. “It’s a step-up in sound quality and has more intricate guitar parts and better-written music that with every listen you can discover parts you hadn’t noticed before. On top of that we have an original sound and songs! We want to give more to people that enjoy good riffs.

Path to eternity 

2012 - full lenght album

With ‘Path to Eternity’ you’ll get carried away to an era where myths and legends are an everyday reality.

This 6 member Montreal band, lead by their charismatic and warrior-like frontwoman, deliver a catchy and aggressive, epic album within the viking/folk metal genre.Their debut ‘Path to Eternity’ is an impressive piece of work on all levels; music, concept and artwork, and is not only for the folk metal fan, but also for those that need a good dose of mead with their daily brutality. 

Acoustic Chronicles 

2013 - EP

The Viking metallers Valfreya  have put aside their electric guitars and released a totally acoustic EP, entitled “Acoustic Chronicles“. The album was released on May 2013, at a time when the band supported it with many acoustic live shows.

First Chronicles

2009 - EP

With their first EP, Valfreya offers a lively, energetic and epic music which will quench the auditor's thirst in symphonic, beautiful yet powerful music needs.

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